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Jeffrey Lerman
Jeffrey Lerman

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Secrets of Successful Commercial Loan Workouts Featuring Jeff Lerman

Our special guest is Jeffrey Lerman, Managing Partner of Lerman Law Partners. Jeff is known in the industry as “THE Real Estate Investor's Lawyer”.  He has appeared on TV, radio and in front of numerous real estate investment groups. With over 30 years as a top real estate lawyer specializing in loan workouts and syndication, Jeff shares with us the Secrets of Successful Commercial Loan Workouts.

With lending institutions dealing with a historic number of delinquencies and foreclosures, commercial loan workouts are an essential topic for real estate investors. Jeff gives us unique insight into the challenges and opportunities investors face when working out a commercial loan.

In this interview with Jeff, you will learn:

  • The 5-Step Commercial Loan Workout Process
  • Why the commercial loan workout discussion is important in today's environment
  • The ingredients Jeff looks for in a successful turnaround
  • The 4 biggest mistakes investors are making during the loan workout process
  • How investors are handling their personal guarantees
  • The biggest hurdles to overcome in negotiations with your lender
  • Why working with an attorney can improve your loan workout results

This timely and relevant interview is loaded with new ideas and approaches to commercial loan workouts. Get the inside scoop from one of the industry's top commercial loan workout attorneys.

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