Value Hound Academy Helps Empower Real Estate Professionals to Uncover Their Hidden Resources to Profitably Syndicate Their Own Deals and Build Wealth
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"I have been a full-time real estate investor for the last 11 years. While I had done well at the business, I never had a true focus or game plan until I met Craig Haskell with the Value Hound Academy. 

Craig got me to laser focus my business plan on finding "deep value" properties. As a result, I have been able to triple my business, in both number of units and cash flow, over the last 12 months. I highly recommend Value Hound Academy and Craig and his team to all real estate investors and professionals." 

Mike Conlon, President/CEO
Affordable Communities Group LLC
Cary, NC


"Craig Haskell and Value Hound Academy is a tremendous resource for any investor.  The membership is also an incredible value for the service that Craig provides. Value Hound Academy and Craig Haskell are helping my company go to the next level in real estate investing."


Mike Galvan, Managing Partner

Gally Development Company


“We have been involved in many coaching programs over the years and this is by far the best coaching program both of us have been involved with. No other coaching program has delivered the content, value, personal access and results
that this program has.”

Josh Hershner & Todd Ashton
Investors, Ohio


“Craig Haskell is one of the most extraordinary speakers and trainers in the world today! Craig's value investing techniques are transformational and he creates amazing results every time he speaks!”

Vincent Medina, President
Foothills Apartment Association


"I wanted to send you a personal thank you for the outstanding value that you have created on your website. Often times free content is of mediocre quality but that is definitely not the case at the value hound academy. I personally am getting tremendous value from the great interviews you are doing. Keep up the good work."

Rob Kipple


“Craig Haskell is an electrifying speaker! He has the ability to transfix an audience, motivate and enlighten them, and give them information in a way that they absorb it fully.”

Brain Gordon, CEO
Lotus Property Services


“Craig's motto is the ‘Value Hound’ and his Wealthy Syndicator Program surely lives up to its name. I was involved in a deal during the program and his knowledge and expertise helped me close the deal.”

Gino Barbaro
Restaurant/Real Estate Owner


“Packed with lots of valuable information.  Anyone involved in real estate would benefit from time spent with Craig Haskell.”

Michael Ashley
Private Property Investor


"Craig Haskell's expertise in energizing under performing properties is masterful.  He provided outstanding insight, strategies, and advice on the turnaround of two apartment communities in our portfolio requiring $3 million in renovations."

John Ridgeway
Lincoln Property Company 


"Craig always challenged me to abandon the obvious and look for the edge. Now he's publishing his approach to the inside game of real estate with a play book! He's made it easy!"

Jane Bowling


"I first worked with Craig as a client 5 years ago. His strong experience as a operator and manager was an easy sell to institutional investors. His integrity during the credit crisis will not be forgotten. His forward thinking and ability to solve challenging situations is critical to the successes we have realized."

Moiz Doriwala
Stirling Realty Advisors


"This course is definitely action oriented. Anyone who is serious about investing in commercial real estate and has been procrastinating will find the course most beneficial. Compared to other courses I have taken, this course is detailed, step-by-step, process-by-process, includes all the systems and tools necessary to progress confidently towards decision-making."

Ashwin Desai
Real Estate Agent & Investor

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Stephan Kachani
Stephan Kachani

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: How to Attract Creative Capital to Fund Your Distressed Deals Featuring Stephan Kachani

In today's tight capital market, bridge lenders have become a leading capital source for value investors searching for capital to fund their distressed deals, especially Class B & C properties with financial and operational challenges.


To help shed some light on this much needed subject, we are speaking with Stephan Kachani of  Lone Oak Fund, one of California's leading bridge lenders.  Lone Oak Fund is a private mortgage fund that makes bridge loans, typically ranging from $250,000 to $10 million on properties located in California.


Lone Oak makes bridge loans on commercial and REO residential real estate with a specialty in recapitalizations, restructures, cash outs, line of credits and other creative solutions to help real estate investors get deals done.


If you are a real estate investor looking to find capital to fund your deals, you need to attend to this webcast.  Stephan uncovers new ideas and strategies working in today's distressed real estate market that can help make your deals more profitable.


In this interview with Stephan, you will learn:

  • The creative financing options available to value investors
  • What bridge lending is and why it's so important as a financing source
  • The biggest mistakes investors are making when sourcing capital
  • Where investors are finding the best opportunities
  • How quick and easy it is to find out if Lone Oak is a good fit for your deal
  • The critical things investors must do to be successful in today's financing market

Download this interview today to hear Stephan talk about how to attract creative capital to fund your distressed deals so that you can capitalize on today's undervalued real estate market.


Download Interview Audio

Printer-Friendly Format
·  Where to Find Capital to Get Your Value Add Deals Done

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 Advisory Board

“You are, by far, the best resource I have ever come across with respect to the syndication business. Your knowledge and expertise is unmatched. This is one of the best educational investments I have ever made. I thank you in advance for my unlimited future success.”

George Griffin
RE Investor, TX


"As I look back over the recent years, it's simply awesome the level of expertise I have gained from your coaching.
Your unique approach to this business is like NOTHING else.  I'm extremely grateful to you because now I get it.
Craig, with your help and direction, I have become known as an apartment turnaround expert within my local industry. Thank you."

Thomas Christensen
Private Investor, AZ


“I want to thank you again for an excellent program. I really appreciate your passion for what you do and truly wanting and encouraging others to pursue their dreams. I enjoyed the course immensely.”

Bob Sullivan
RE Broker & CCIM Member, FL


“I arrived scared at the “reality” of my situation. I leave really scared at the reality of how much I don't know / need to know. Your workshop is like throwing a “life-line” to a drowning upstart.

David Reilly
Property Investor