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William "Rance" King, Jr.

William "Rance" King, Jr.

RK Properties was founded in 1976 by William Rance King, Jr. (RK) after a ten year history in business machines for a Fortune 500 company. He was a pioneer in developing and marketing early style computers that were sold to a variety of industries, primarily focused on commercial real estate. By the time he became National Director of Sales, he had already purchased his first apartment building, which was the inception of what would become RK Properties.

In the beginning, RK Properties did Tenant-in-Common (TIC) deals with a small group of business associates and friends. This eventually evolved into the limited partnership business, then into Limited Liability Corporations until, in the 1990's, the TIC structure dominated the real estate market. Over the past 34 years, RK Properties has syndicated 156 properties and had 139 properties go full cycle. A ‘track record' of success that simply does not exist with any other firm

As an industry leader, RK Properties truly pioneered the TIC industry with our first TIC structured Reg D offering in 1994. The company is unique, having weathered the recessions of the early 80's, early 90's and the one we are currently in. Periods of downturn present opportunity as in 1993 when the company sponsored Vulture Funds 1, 2, & 3. Subsequently, this evolved into a series of RK REO Income Funds. All told, the company sponsored dozens of properties that were all bought in foreclosure from virtually every financial institution in California. Today we have Opportunity Fund 1 which is acquiring distressed and foreclosed properties, with our first two acquisitions being in South Florida.

In addition to acquiring and managing properties, Mr. King also built a track record of taking over for failed sponsors as an Asset and Property Manager during the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) period.

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Contact Information

William “Rance” King Jr
RK Properties
3737 E. Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90803
P: (800)  677-7333

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