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Jeffrey Lerman
Jeffrey Lerman

TRAINING DOWNLOAD: Secrets to Structuring Joint Ventures to Partner with Investors featuring Jeff Lerman, THE Real Estate Investor's Lawyer

90 minute Special Training Download Featuring "THE" Real Estate Investors Lawyer, Jeff Lerman

This training event will covers the legal aspects of setting up, organizing and structuring a joint venture to buy undervalued real estate with investors.  If you are searching for a quick and easy way to raise money from investors, then you need to attend this special training event on structuring joint ventures so that you avoid the pitfalls and traps using this investment vehicle.

Join us as we talk to "THE Real Estate Investor's Lawyer", Jeff Lerman, about what every investor must know on setting up their joint venture.  He will take us through 17 crucial steps you must understand to maximize your profits and minimize your losses and disputes when you enter into the "business marriage" using a joint venture.

Here's the things you'll learn: 

  • The advantages of a JV versus a private placement
  • How to pick the right form of entity
  • How to decide who controls what
  • Valuing each partner's contribution
  • Deciding what happens if more money is needed
  • How to limit your exposure when you enter the deal
  • How to exit the JV without lawyers and without lawsuits
  • How to resolve disputes in 1 day instead of 5 years
  • Case studies

With real estate prices well below replacement cost in many parts of the country and property owners struggling to keep their properties, understanding how to raise money from investors to capitalize on today's distressed market will be critical to your success.

Jeff Lerman trains and answers your questions on how to structure joint ventures so that you can finally get going. 


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