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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: 50-year Legend Sam Freshman on The Principles of Real Estate Syndication

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: 50-year Legend Sam Freshman on The Principles of Real Estate Syndication

With the real estate market recovering from historically low prices, many real estate investors are looking to raise money from investors so that they can capitalize on today's great buying opportunity.

To help give us some experienced advice and insight on raising money from investors, we will be talking to a legend in the real estate syndication business.  We will be speaking with Samuel Freshman, Founder and CEO of Standard Management Company, a company he started in 1961 to syndicate commercial real estate.

In 1971, Sam literally wrote the book on real estate syndication, entitled, "The Principles of Real Estate Syndication. In its third edition,  Sam's book offers entrepreneurs a step-by-step process to syndicate real estate investments. Also, his book is used many educators as a manual and text book on real estate syndication.

In this interview, you will learn: 

  • Why Sam started his syndication business
  • The best way to get started in syndication without a track record
  • 3 critical money raising activities you must be doing
  • How to safeguard your earnest money deposit when raising equity
  • How to get experienced syndicators to raise the money for your deal
  • The biggest mistakes to avoid when syndicating
  • How to partner with Sam and other experienced syndicators
  • The best way to save on legal expenses when hiring an attorney

Sam syndicated his first deal over 40 years ago and has been through five real estate cycles. Whether you are a new or seasoned investors, you'll want to take note and listen to this high value interview with Sam Freshman.


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