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Bruce Kirsch
Bruce Kirsch

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: How to Quickly Assess a Deal in 1-Minute Using This Free Spreadsheet with Bruce Kirsch, REFM

How many times have you been looking through a pile of deals and just wanted a quick, down and dirty analysis to see if a deal made sense to dig deeper?

If you're like most, your time is valuable. You'd like to find a way to quickly wade through the dogs so that you can spend more time on the good deals.  Well, we found a solution for you so that you can quickly assess a deal within 1-minute.

We will be speaking with Bruce Kirsch, founder of REFM, a leading training and consulting company on financial modeling.  Bruce is a spreadsheet maverick who teaches private investors, large company executives and university students on how to model deals for success. Oh, and he graduated from Wharton School with an MBA in real estate.

Bruce has developed an analysis spreadsheet called the Back of the Envelope Analysis for many types of properties.  Bruce walks us through his Back of the Envelope spreadsheet, and shows us how to correctly use it.

In this training video, Bruce will: 

  • Tell you where to download your free spreadsheet
  • Explain how to use his quick spreadsheet
  • Show you why this spreadsheet will save you lots of time
  • Teach you the best way to use his spreadsheet
  • Outline things to consider when entering data
  • Give you a free tool that you'll use often

If you want to find a quick way to assess your deals and stop wasting time on analyzing dogs, then you need to watch to this video with Bruce Kirsch.  Bruce gives the answer to quickly assessing a deal within 1-minute.

Click the video below to get started.

To Get your Free Back of the Envelope Analysis Spreadsheet, CLICK HERE


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