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Gene Trowbridge
Gene Trowbridge

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: 11 Essential Issues When Forming and Operating a Real Estate Syndication, Featuring Gene Trowbridge

If you are a real estate investor, professional or executive and want to start syndicating real estate investments, you are in for a special treat.

We are speaking with Gene Trowbridge, a leading syndication attorney and educator on 11 Essential Issues When Forming and Operating a Real Estate Syndication.  Gene has been in the real estate business for over 30 years as a CCIM faculty member teaching the syndication business to new and experienced investors, and he's also a practicing securities attorney where he has helped form some 50 syndications in the last 18 month.

In this interview, Gene offers us critical insights into the syndication business, particularly from the vantage point of the group sponsor - the syndicator. 

In this interview with Gene, you will learn answers to these 11 essential questions: 

  • 1. What is syndication?
  • 2. What is a security?
  • 3. Why use a limited liability co.?
  • 4. Why do you need a Manager LLC?
  • 5. Why should your first offering be a specific offering?
  • 6. How to set up the "Property LLC" to accept investments
  • 7. What legal documents are needed?
  • 8. Do I need an attorney to draft my documents?
  • 9. How do I go about raising money?
  • 10. What is Regulation "D," Rule 506?
  • 11. What do I need to do to manage my syndication?

If you have been searching for the answers to forming and operating a real estate syndication, then you need to listen to this interview with Gene Trowbridge.  Gene answers these 11 questions and provides insight on how to get a real estate syndication business started.

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