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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Funding Your Value Add Deals, Featuring Billy Procida

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Funding Your Value Add Deals, Featuring Billy Procida

Finding and attracting capital in today's market is critically important to getting your value add deals funded. 

To give you some insight on fund raising for your value add deals, we are speaking with Billy Procida, CEO and Founder of Procida Funding, a 32-year veteran and award winning real estate developer and financier.

Billy got started at the young age of 19, by tying up a $12 million bankrupt development deal in the New York Bronx area with only $5,000.  He put an "Investors Wanted" ad in the New York Times and landed a Pakistani investor that gave him a half of a million dollars for his company.

Since that time in 1983, Billy has gone on to be one of the most respected financiers in the New York area, closing on over $2 billion of debt and equity placements.  Billy shares his "down in the trenches" stories on how you can be more successful funding your value add deals

In this interview with Billy, you will learn:

  • The two most important ingredients to a successful capital funding
  • Why he believes the harder you work , the luckier you become
  • The biggest challenges he faces funding deals
  • His philosophy on properties located further than 100 miles from his office
  • The lessons he's learned over his long career
  • Where he sees opportunities for value investors

If you are looking to raise money from private investors so that you can buy more deals, then I strongly encourage you listen to this interview with Billy Procida. Billy shares many real world experiences that will help you become more successful as a real estate investor and syndicator.

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