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EXLUSIVE INTERVIEW: How This New Wealthy Syndicator Got His First Deal Done Featuring Adam Ross

EXLUSIVE INTERVIEW: How This New Wealthy Syndicator Got His First Deal Done Featuring Adam Ross

We are speaking with Adam Ross, Founder of Pragma Investments, who like many real estate professionals, wanted to do his own deals and had been watching the syndication game from the bench, but finally made the transition to syndicating his first deal.

This interview is an honest conversation with Adam Ross about the transition he made to finally get going, how he got started, the process he went through, and the lessons he learned...he is literally going to walk you step-by-step on how he got his first, AND second deal done. 

In this interview with Adam, you will learn:

  • How he raised of $3.5 Million...and was surprised how easy it was
  • The MOST Important Thing He Did That Got His First Deal Done
  • How He Secured Non-Recourse Debt for his first deal
  • How He Got His Investors to Agree to Higher Syndication Fees Without Resistance
  • The Turning Point for Adam to Finally Getting Started
  • How Adam Has Changed his Business and Life Forever

This interview is loaded with a lot of real world, nuts & bolts information on how to finally get in the game of buying and syndicating value add properties....to get your first deal done.

After your done watching this video, click on the link below to check out Part 6 of our 7-Part Syndication Basics Series Case Study featuring Adam Ross & Todd Benson, who have gone full cycle on their first deal. You'll get to see how they got paid nice fees and backend profits that made them instant millionaires.


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