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BREAKOUT BROKER WEBINAR: The Wealth Code for Real Estate Pros

In this Webinar, you will learn the Breakout Broker wealth code that leverages your current resources to reinvent your business by syndicating the great deals you find so that you can start building your wealth.

You're Already in The Real Estate Game

In your current business, while you're generating new leads for your real estate business, don't you come across great deals every once in a while? Why aren't you taking those opportunities and leveraging your expertise into buying and syndicating them to build your wealth?

What if you are a real estate agent, couldn't you package up for group investment one of the profitable deals you come across and present it to investors?  Sure you could.  That's the way many other successful syndicators got started.

What if you were a property manager, managing a property with a lot of profit potential, couldn't you buy that property with investors and turn a small management fee into a large backend profit to build your wealth? Yes, you can!

What if you're an owner of a few smaller investment properties and wanted to build a bigger company,  couldn't you find bigger investments and syndicate them with investors?  Sure you could.

This Breakout Broker webinar is aimed at capitalizing on what you're already good at, the valuable assets sitting in your business... right now, and packaging all that up so that you can build your wealth.

You are going to learn in this unique webinar:

  • How to Stop Just Making a Living and Start Creating a Life
  • A New Business Model That's a Real Game Changer
  • Case Studies of Breakout Brokers Getting it Done
  • How to Leverage Your Hidden Assets to Build Your Wealth
  • The Obstacles Holding You Back and How to Overcome Them
  • A One Year Challenge to Becoming a Breakout Broker

You are going to learn how to become a Breakout Broker using a new business model to build your wealth. This new business model is all about leveraging your business and packaging your hidden assets.

Essentially, you're going to learn how to move things around in your business...your reinvented business, so that you are playing your strongest and most powerful cards to win the wealth game. That's the wealth code for real estate professionals.

If you're a real estate professional, you need to watch this high value webinar.  

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