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Bill Bennett Interview
Bill Bennett Interview

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: How to Make More Money with Your Real Estate Investments Using a Niche Investment Strategy Featuring Bill Bennett, Iconic Development

Bill Bennett is Co-Founder and Principal of Iconic Development.  Iconic is a real estate investment firm that specializes in buying ‘C' multifamily properties in ‘A' locations within strategically identified submarkets, and then they reposition their properties to a niche tenant base such as students, echo boomers, seniors and the Hispanic market.

This strategy has allowed Bill to consistently generate high returns for his investors where average rents are 25% higher than his competition, even in today's tough market.

Unlike conventional real estate investments, demographically driven real estate offers the ability to assess both supply and demand with precision, offers higher yield, and caters to an underserved customer base. By targeting niches, Iconic is able to identify significant gaps in the marketplace allowing for properties to be repositioned toward an underserved niche tenant base.

In this interview with Bill, you will learn:

  • The attributes a niche property must have before buying
  • The competitive advantage his properties have over the competition
  • The value enhancing strategies Bill employs to create higher returns
  • The matrix Bill uses to identify markets where his niche investment strategy works best
  • Which niche strategy has worked out the best for him
  • The biggest challenges to using his unique repositioning strategy
  • How much Bill spends on capital upgrades to differentiate his properties
  • How long it takes to reposition and stabilize his properties

If you are a multifamily real estate investor looking for new ideas on how to increase your risk adjusted returns using a niche investment approach, then you should listen to this interview.


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