Essential Training Beginning Syndicators

Value Hound Academy (VHA) is opening up a brand new syndication training program for beginning syndicators. This program will provide essential training on the business of real estate syndication.  Much of the training in this program is unique to the VHA, and will be extremely valuable to those who want to start raising money for the great deals they find and build a syndication business.

3 Week Program Begins Nov 1, 2017 

This Training Is for You If:

  • You are just getting into real estate investing as a new syndicator
  • You want to start a syndication business to start building your wealth
  • You are finding great deals but don't know how to raise money
  • You want to grow your business using other people's money
  • You're investing in houses and want to buy commercial properties
  • You want training from a recognized and specialized syndication platform
  • You want a proven syndication process and system to use on your business
  • You are frustrated and struggling trying to get started
  • You have attended other programs that didn't work

Isn't it true that you are finding potential opportunities but can't seem to get going?  You've tried searching the internet for information on syndication, talking to other investors, maybe even have attended a real estate investing seminar or joined a real estate investment club. You've done all these things but you still haven't got started with your syndication business. 

A Personal Note to You from Craig Haskell, VHA Trainer & Coach

“I know how you feel. My background is probably fairly similar to yours.  After graduating from college in 1982, I attended numerous real estate investing seminars.  I tried to buying properties using the Robert Allen approach to no money down, but struck out. I couldn't get my real estate business started.

After almost two years of struggling with no results, I decided to learn the business the professional way.  I got my real estate license and went to work for a commercial real estate company as a broker specializing in office and retail properties. 

On a daily basis, I was dealing with professional and sophisticated real estate syndicators helping them buy, lease and manage their commercial real estate investments.

I found out something interesting.  None of the pros used nothing down techniques.  What I learned was that more than 70% of the professional investors used other people's money, raising money from other investors to buy their investment properties.

They created an investment group and pooled other investors together to buy real estate and got paid fees and backend equity profits.

After gaining this experience, it was time for me to get back in the investing game for my own account as a real estate syndicator. Modeling what professional real estate syndicators were doing, I changed my investment strategy from nothing down to buying undervalued properties using other people's money.

I finally bought my first property in 1986.  It was a $70,000 single family 4 bedroom, 2 bath foreclosure in Chino, California, located close to a public golf course.  I found an undervalued deal and put it under contract.  I raised funds from an investor to put up the equity.  I fixed the property and sold it, making a $22,300 profit within a very short time period.

This became my business model, albeit on a larger scale. For the last 30+ years, I have been buying undervalued deals and partnering with investors, getting paid fees, cash flow and backend profits. I have owned or managed 7,200 units and 2.8 million square feet of commercial space and provide advisory services on assets over $2 billion in value.”

What I learned 

“I learned that all you need is the right knowledge, a targeted game plan, a good team, the right systems in place, and an unrelenting commitment to executing your game plan. That's it!

It doesn't happen overnight. It's just like any business you start. You are going to learn, make mistakes and get better.  But over time, consistently executing your unique game plan can produce successful results.”

Syndication 101 Beginners Program

If the only thing holding you back from getting going is knowledge, a game plan, the right systems and confidence, well then, we've got the solution for you.  Enroll in the Syndication 101 Beginners Program.

In the Syndication 101 Beginners Program, you gain the right training you need to have the foundation and confidence to get started on your syndication business. The syndication business has a lot of moving parts and you need to understand those parts so that you get off on the right foot.

The Big Picture of Syndication

In this program, you will learn the big picture of the syndication business looks like.  You need to understand how this game is played. The syndication business is a huge intricate puzzle with a lot of moving parts. 

Imagine having a 1,000 piece puzzle sitting in front of you and you are asked to put the puzzle together. Could you do it without a big picture of the puzzle? Yes or no?  Either answer is not a good answer. But if you did have a big picture of what the puzzle was supposed to look like, you could get it done much quicker and easier.

Do You Understand the Syndication Jungle? 

You need to see the big picture of the jungle you want to travel in before you take a journey.  Imagine being dropped in the middle of a jungle with lots of dangerous animals and not knowing where to go. That would be scary.

While traveling in the jungle on a path, you might take a left at a fork in the path right into quick sand or into a den of hungry tigers. But, if you knew the big picture of the jungle, where to go and how to protect yourself, you would get through the jungle to your destiny safer with less pain and much easier. You can see this, yes?

You must understand the big picture of the syndication jungle. Do you?  You are getting into a professional and competitive game. You must understand the game you are getting into or you might get hurt.

Too many people just jump into syndication game without having the strategy on how best to play the game. These are people who either fold and quit the game or get beat up by the market because they really don't understand the game they are playing. They are fumbling around not understanding what they are doing. This is a big reason why many new syndicators fold their cards.

You Need a Syndication System to Follow

Once you understand the big picture of syndication and how to play the game, you must learn a step-by-system on how to syndicate a property so that your business is organized and structured. This will keep you focused on executing your business plan so that you can move the ball down the field.

You need a business plan to follow and show your investors. This plan will be built around your investment strategy. Once you have a strategy, you will search for properties that match your investment strategy and plan, and then put a property under contract to buy.

Next you will conduct thorough due diligence so that you don't have costly surprises following your acquisition. If you like the property after your inspection, you will put together the debt and equity financing to get your deal closed.

As you can see, there are many moving parts that require the right knowledge so that you can get your property syndicated and closed.  With the right systems to follow, you will set yourself up for success in the syndication business.

It's important you get the right training and education so that you build a strong business foundation to support your syndication business. If you build a house on sand and a big storm hits your house, you might lose it. You need to build your house on rocks so that your foundation is solid to withstand unexpected storms. This program will help you build a solid foundation to your syndication business.

What You Will Learn in This Program:

Module 1. How the Real Estate Investment Game Is Played

  • Why real estate investments?
  • Who are the players in the game?
  • How does the economy affect the real estate game?
  • Understanding real estate fundamentals and how to profit from them

Module 2. The VHA Syndication Business Model

  • What is syndication and how does it really work?
  • Starting your syndication business the right way
  • Why syndication is such a great wealth builder?
  • Investment side of the business
    • How real estate investments compares to other investment vehicles
    • Understanding cap rates and price
    • Learning Internal Rate of Returns (IRR's) like a value investor
    • The difference between Price and Value
  • Management side of the business
    • How property management works
    • Why good property management is so important
    • The things you must do to find a good property management company

 Module 3. The Step-by-Step Syndication Process

  • The road map
    • Planning and creating a business plan
    • Why you need a business plan?
    • How do you create a good business plan?
  • Finding great deals
  • Analyzing and underwriting investment opportunities
  • Negotiating and contracting for deals
  • Conducting extensive due diligence so that you don't lose money
  • Getting the best and safest debt financing for your value add deal
  • Pooling investor money to syndicate your great deal
  • Closing your deal on time and on budget

You are buying a rental business and you then have to run that business. You have to understand how to do this.  This is important step in your training to your successful for getting in the syndication game.

Your “First Step” 

Getting enrolled in the Syndication 101 Beginners Program should be your very first step to getting in the syndication business. “As Craig said, “all you need is the right knowledge, a targeted game plan, a good team, the right systems in place, and an unrelenting commitment to executing your game plan.” This program has all this and more. Get in the syndication game right way. Enroll in this program.

Here's What You Get in this Program:

  • 3 weekly group webinar training calls with Craig Haskell
  • Q&A session on every call to get all your immediate questions answered
  • Set up the foundation and systems for your Syndication Business
  • Special report on Real Estate Cycles
  • Syndication sample agreements, documents, tools and spreadsheets
  • Deal analysis training and software review
  • Copies of call video & audio recordings 

Your investment is only $247


Some things other students are saying:

-I can't thank you enough for your positivity and motivation. Your passion for helping others shines threw immensely. Jeremy Cline

-The simplicity of Craig's Haskell's process is beyond potent. I have nothing but the highest respect for Craig Haskell and his team. Matt Wilson

-My business plan for our syndication business was not as focused and precise. Craig helped put it together. Richard Lopez

-Your help and direction, made it possible for me to succeed. You are greatly appreciated. Mahlon Tobias

-Craig takes a complicated process and shows you step by step system. Andrew Ryan

-I was involved in a deal during one of Craig's programs and his knowledge and expertise helped me close the deal. This program is ideal for the novice or seasoned investor. Gino Barbaro

-I believe firmly that a person wanting to become a commercial real estate syndicator will benefit immensely from your courses as it is based on the wisdom, knowledge, and methodologies reflecting your experience in the business. Ashwin Desai

Legal Disclaimer: We don't believe in get rich programs - only in hard work, adding value and serving others. Our programs are intended to help you find properties to partner with investors and to make a difference in the world while growing your business. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. We don't know you and, besides, your results in life are up to you. Agreed? We just want to help by giving great content, direction and strategies that move you forward. Nothing on this page or in this program is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings, and we do not offer any legal, financial, medical, tax or other professional advice. Any financial numbers referenced here, in the program or on any of our sites, are simply estimates or projections, and should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings - all numbers are illustrative only. Under no circumstances will we be held responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage that is caused or alleged to have been caused to you in connection with your use of any advice, goods or services you receive from Value Hound Academy.

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