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VIDEO TRAINING: What is a Syndication and How Does it Work?

VIDEO TRAINING: What is a Syndication and How Does it Work?

In Part 1 of this 7-part video training series, Craig Haskell uncovers the syndication platform and why most business and real estate professionals are using this platform to dramatically build their wealth.

Syndication is the ultimate financing and investment vehicle that helps business owners and real estate professionals leverage the great opportunities they find.

You will learn:

  • What is a syndication? What the heck is it that scares people? Is it really that scary?
  • In a syndication, who are the players? What are they supposed to do?
  • How does a syndication work? What's the process? How do things fit together?
  • The power of syndication and why you should be using this platform
  • Case studies of others syndicating deals

In Part 1 of this 7-Part Syndication Basic video training series, Craig shines a light on what syndication is, how it works and the opportunity for you to use this platform to build your wealth.

Click the video below to get started.

CLICK HERE to watch the entire Syndication Basics 7-Part Video Series



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