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A Community of Value Oriented Real Estate Syndication Professionals

Value Hound Academy is a community of real estate professionals - syndicators, investors, agents, lenders, managers and service providers - who are serious about investing & syndicating their own deals to add multiple streams of income and big backend profits.

                         35,000+ MONTHLY READERS AND GROWING!

Here at the Value Hound Academy, we teach our members how to reinvent and transform their businesses to start building wealth syndicating their own deals. Members of the Value Hound Academy learn:

  • How to transition from service provider to syndicator
  • How to leverage small group investments to fund deals
  • How to become a Value Creator to significantly build wealth
  • How to analyze a deal to determine profit
  • How to get started setting up a new syndication profit center
  • How to package deals and get paid
  • How to raise money from investors

A membership to Value Hound will give you 24/7 access to a community of value oriented real estate investors and syndicators that will help you learn new strategies and meet new people.  The Value Hound community will help leverage your business by helping you make better deals, smarter decisions, and more connections with like minded real estate entrepreneurs. Join For Free Now!

Value Hound Academy is a tightly niched community of value minded syndicators that have a common real estate investment platform with similar opportunities and challenges that bond them together. If you are a value minded investor, you are in the right place.

You receive the following exclusive benefits as a Value Hound Academy member:

  • Learn great ideas on real estate opportunistic and value investing.  Learn how to become a value hound! Learn new, time sensitive value investing ideas working in today's environment.  Learn how to become a Wealthy Syndicator.
  • Discover exclusive insight from the world's leading value investors, financiers and industries smartest minds.  Value Hound Academy introduces you to a group of value innovators who have built substantial fortunes through astute deal making and visionary thinking.
  • Uncover money-making opportunities.  Value Hound Academy exposes value investing opportunities available in today's marketplace.  Gain a competitive advantage with lead sources for potential investment opportunities.
  • Locate key contacts within the Value Hound community. Develop new relationships with private buyers, sponsors, investors, financiers, and service providers involved in the value investing space that can become profitable connections.
  • Find a specifically developed collection of value investing resources.   You get exclusive insight, information, guidance, and connections for your real estate investments…right here, all in one place.